Tertullian — "Father of the Latin Church"


Perpetua's Contemporary

The apologist and church father Tertullian was Perpetua's contemporary in Carthage.  While it is not certain, many scholars believe his letter "To the Martyrs" was written to Perpetua and her fellow catechumens while they were imprisioned.  

Two of his writings (Ad Martyras, On the Soul's Testimony) are included in abbreviated length in the novel, Perpetua.  Their full text can be found here.  Tertullian's wit, intelligence, and lively writing style make him a pleasure to read.  The modern reader may find themself laughing aloud unexpectedly, or nodding along with his arguments. 

A full bio of Tertullian is not included here because there are already such very good ones readily available online.  www.tertullian.org is a great place to look for a balanced, scholarly, and accessible review of his life and writings.   



Ad Martyras (To the Martyrs)
On the Soul's Testimony